Introducing - Lindsay! Holiday Camp Muswell Hill


We'd love to introduce you to one of the inspiring people that work with us at The Strings Club - whether that's at our friendly Head Office team or our Holiday Club teams.

Today we'd love to you to meet Lindsay who has worked with us for years at our award winning Muswell Hill Holiday Camp.

➡️ Why do you love music? How does it benefit you?

I love how music can make me feel all kinds of emotion and it’s a great way to unwind after a busy day.

➡️ What's you fave track/piece of music of all time?

Beauty and the Beast! The Disney soundtracks are just genius.

➡️ Tell us an interesting fact about you

I sang with the school choir at the Royal Albert Hall for the fantastic children’s charity, Barnados .

➡️ Why do you love working at The Strings Club?

We always have such busy and fun filled days with music, creative activities and just being together talking, sometimes dancing. It’s so fun seeing the kids make new friends over the holiday club and how much they love showing off their new music skills to their parents!
Holiday Club Muswell Hill
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