Let's Talk HAF Warwickshire: Your Guide to Family Support


Let's face it - being a parent is like walking a tightrope, especially when money's tight. But there's a shining light called the HAF Programme that's got your back. It's all about giving a helping hand to families on certain benefits by hooking them up with free childcare and grub during school holidays (except half terms). And guess what? The Strings Club is all in on this in Warwickshire, cheering on families in need.

What is the HAF programme?

So, what's the scoop on the HAF programme? It's short for Holiday Activities and Food Programme, an amazing venture set up by the government to make sure kids get childcare and good eats during Christmas, Easter, and the summer breaks. Launched back in 2018, it's been a hit, with over 5,000 kids in Warwickshire enjoying free holiday fun.

How does the HAF programme work?

Wondering how this whole HAF thing works? Basically, it's funded by the Department for Education, giving eligible kids free entry to holiday clubs and tasty meals during winter, spring, and summer breaks (sorry, no half terms). To get in on it, your kid has to be in full-time school and getting free school meals based on benefits. Check the government website for all the nitty-gritty details here.

Kids can max out on four sessions in winter, four in spring, and a whopping sixteen in summer, which can be a lifesaver for families watching their wallets. This means your kiddo gets fed and entertained in a safe, fun place. Parents can grab a HAF code from their local council to sign up for activities.

HAF Holiday Clubs Leamington Spa

How do you apply for the HAF programme?

Ready to dive into the HAF programme? It's a piece of cake - just hop online, apply for your HAF code, and punch it in when you're booking your holiday club dates. Each kid with a HAF code gets up to 24 free sessions a year. The Strings Club is proud to be part of the HAF crew in Warwickshire, offering families a ticket to awesome times.

To get your hands on a Warwickshire HAF code, head over to the Warwickshire Council website, where you can check if you qualify and fill out the registration form online.

Request a Warwickshire HAF code:

Find out about eligibility in Warwickshire, and register for HAF using the online form available via Warwickshire Council website.

HAF programme at The Strings Club

At The Strings Club, we're all about putting smiles on kids' faces. We're big on fairness and making sure everyone's included, so if you're eligible, get in on the HAF programme action.

Your child can enjoy up to 24 sessions with us each year, complete with yummy packed lunches courtesy of the programme. Got questions about using your HAF code with The Strings Club? We're here to help you out every step of the way.