Choosing School Holiday Childcare: Our 5 Top Tips


Whether you're a working parent or simply in need of fun activities for your child during the school hols - selecting the right childcare facility can be a daunting task!

From creating Holiday Camp for over 10 years, here's our top 5 tips for everyone starting to think about childcare this summer.

1. Safety and Security Measures

We believe that every Holiday Camp should be Ofsted-registered *

The safety and security of your child should be a top priority. Look for facilities that maintain strict safety protocols, including childproofed premises, secure entrances and exits, and reliable supervision.

For more info on being Ofsted-registered, find a handy blog here.

*Not all childcare providers are Ofsted-registered so always double check by a quick on the Ofsted website here.

2. Qualified and Engaging Staff

The caregivers at the childcare facility play a vital role in your child's Holiday Camp experiences. Every Holiday Camp should be adequately staffed with at least 2 paediatric trained staff.

Believe it or not, the regulation for an out of school provider is 1 trained adult to 30 children. Whilst some providers have a ratio of 1:8 for children aged 4-7 and then 1:20 for children over 8, we believe that all children should feel nurtured and well looked after. That's why our ratio is 1:8 for all children at each of our Holiday Camps.

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3. Age-Appropriate Curriculum and Activities

A well-rounded childcare program should offer age-appropriate curriculum and activities that promote learning and exploration. Enquire about the facility's timetable and what children get up to throughout the day.

Look for activities that stimulate creativity, physical development, and social skills. We believe there should always be a balance between adult led and child initiated activities. Check out our four key areas we focus on at our Holiday Camps:

  • Musicianship
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

4. What Other Parents Say

If you're not sure where to start, try doing a simple "google" search on the company and see what comes up. Some larger companies will also use an independent review platform such as Trustpilot or Feefo too. We also recommend asking other parents at your child's school too!

Why not check out our Feefo reviews here?

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5. Open Communication and Parent Involvement

Choose a childcare facility that encourages open communication and values parent involvement. As parents ourselves, there is nothing worse than wanting to see how your child is doing and not being able to. With that in mind, with The Strings Club, you'll receive:

  • "Essential Info" email sent beforehand with all info in that you need
  • Daily newsletters with link to online gallery
  • Daily diary - created by your child's key person
  • Direct number for every Holiday Camp

At The Strings Club we know how important all of these factors are, that's why all of our Holiday Camps go above and beyond to ensure that your child is safe, engaged and happy right up until pick up time.

We hope the above has helped a little in choosing a Holiday Camp for this summer. We know it's a big decision and if you have any questions, please let us know as we'd love to help!