I wholeheartedly believe that group learning provides a wonderful introduction to learning an instrument and can engender a lifelong love of music. At The Strings Club, we pride ourselves on our high-quality group lessons led by the UK’s top string teachers that develop children’s musicianship skills alongside their listening, focus and overall enjoyment of music.”

Amy Cunningham, Founder of The Strings Club


All our teaching takes place within an interactive and engaging small group setting.

By learning with The Strings Club, your child will benefit in a range of ways:

  • Developing vital ensemble skills including motor skills, pattern recognition and hand-to-eye coordination
  • Developing communication skills by listening to one another, evaluating each other’s performances and providing positive feedback
  • Developing relationship skills through supporting and motivating friends in their group
  • Help them strive for their maximum potential – seeing other children practicing provides motivation and will encourage them to want to perform well
  • Developing key communication skills within a group, including teamwork skills, listening, and focus
  • Developing their self-confidence and skills in performing in front of one another in class and also at our grand concerts – leading to greater self-esteem
  • Developing their musicianship and instrument playing skills – including sight-reading, musicianship skills and exposing them to a variety of musical repertoire and instruments
  • Create memorable musical experiences – fostering a lifetime of magical memories

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