If you are a music enthusiast like us, the BBC Proms will undoubtedly be the most anticipated ‘musical jamboree’ of the summer. It is not only the world’s largest classical musical festival, but is also one that showcases the best international musicians, conductors and personalities from around the world. This year’s ever-so-popular musical celebration runs from Friday 14 July – Saturday 9 September, and we cannot be more excited!

Here at The Strings Club Head Office, we have each picked out some of the highlights from this year’s event, especially for you.

The Strings Club Recommends:


Amy’s Pick 


  • Prom 19: Relaxed Prom (Saturday 29 July, 12:00)

A concert suitable for children and adults with autism, sensory and communication impairments and learning disabilities as well as individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted. This first ever Relaxed Prom is a fun and interactive musical experience in a welcoming environment, with plenty of opportunities for participation. The programme includes music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Rossini and John Strauss II, as well as Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy’ and the ‘Doctor Who’ theme.

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Something extra: At The Strings Club’s workshop, your child will be singing their hearts out to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” in our ever-so-popular interactive ‘Big Sing Song’ workshop!

Our Big Sing Song: “Happy” workshop is coming to our Hampstead, Brockley and Harborne Holiday Camps on Tuesday 29 August.

Jasmine’s Pick 


  • Proms Extra: NYO Young Promoters (Saturday 5 August, 17:30)

Join musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain at this unique and friendly event for teenagers hosted by the NYO’s Young Promoters – a great chance to find out about the music in this evening’s Prom.

Find out more about this event here

Charlotte’s Pick 


  • Prom 14: Holst – The Planets (Tuesday 25 July, 18:30)

In this evening’s event, Holst’s galactic suite conjures up the epic scope of a movie blockbuster in luminous music of infinite vistas, while Vaughan Williams’s enigmatic final symphony also revels in an augmented sound-world: it’s a piece the conductor, John Wilson, sees as a suitably radical counterpart to The Planets.

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Daniel’s Pick 


  • Prom 15: The Songs of Scott Walker (1967-70) (Tuesday 25 July, 22:15)

An icon of the 1960s, Scott Walker has travelled from Walker Brothers teen idol to avant-garde contemporary musician, influencing artists from David Bowie and Leonard Cohen to Goldfrapp along the way. This evening’s Late Night Prom tribute presents tracks from his four self-titled albums with live orchestral backing for the very first time.

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Something extra: Are you a fan of David Bowie? In The Strings Club’s special David Bowie workshop, we hope to build your child’s appreciation for the music of the British musician and cultural icon whilst encouraging them to understand the importance of individuality.

Our Meet The Artist: David Bowie workshop is coming to our Holiday Camps across all of our sites on Thursday 27 July.

Asako’s Pick 


  • Prom 8: Celebrating John Williams (Thursday 20 July, 19:30)

John Williams is among the greatest of film composers – His scores for Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and the Indiana Jones films have made him a household name. The BBC Proms celebrates his extraordinary achievements in a concert to mark William’s 85th birthday.

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Something extra: In The Strings Club’s John Williams workshop on, your child will explore how his world-famous soundtracks can be used to tell a particular story, specifically using his music from Star Wars.

Our Meet The Composer: John Williams workshop is coming to our Holiday Camps across all of our sites on Thursday 31 August.

Your first time?


The Proms are the perfect occasion to try a classical concert for the first time, and with your child too. However, if you can’t make it to Royal Albert Hall, don’t worry, you can watch the catch up on TV or tune into Radio 3!

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