Back in 2012 I was living and working as a violin teacher in North London whilst also studying for a Masters degree in music at Goldsmiths College. Upon graduating I really wanted to do something different, to help children take their first step to enjoying something so wonderful and exciting as learning an instrument.

That summer I ran a holiday camp for local children in Camden, everyone loved it and at the end the parents asked me when the next one would be and where they could sign up! That was when The Strings Club was born!

I have always had a huge passion for music

After 5 years The Strings Club is now offering more opportunities than ever before for children to enjoy high quality musical experiences across London and Birmingham than ever before which makes me very proud.

Becoming a mum gave me a new perspective and amplified everything.

What has become particularly pertinent is the powerful impact music can have on a child’s development – from confidence to overall well-being to educational attainment. It can have a profound impact on a child’s life – that is why I began all those years ago and why I want to do so much more.

Children start out shy but end the week full of confidence

We regularly have children come to us who are very shy, their mums let us know of their concerns about how their little one will cope. I have experienced that exact feeling – I know what it is like when my daughter is trying something new, I am always worried about how she is going to get on, whether she will have lots of fun and be brave enough to be herself.

It is so rewarding when the same mums get in touch to tell me that their child loved the Holiday Camp, how they have made lots of new friends and grown in confidence over the week. Seeing the children take part in our Grand Concert to showcase their new skills – often performing in front of 50 people – and taking it in their stride is very emotional for everybody involved. It is a huge achievement and something we love to celebrate every week at our Holiday Camps.

And that is why we do what we do at The Strings Club! Everything is focused on a child’s development because, as parents ourselves, we know that everything is a big deal when you are very small and each experience needs to have a positive impact in order to help a child grow and fulfil their potential.

If you would like to find out more about our musical experiences we’d love to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about how your child can start their musical journey.

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