As a mum of a two year old, I already feel a slight breathlessness when I think about the summer holidays. Of course, it is a wonderful time for memorable experiences with our children and a great chance for us to go places and see things that we usually don’t have the time to do during the weekends. However, the reality also is that most parents have to work and not everyone is lucky enough to have a close family member or friend around the corner who will be able to look after our children whilst we are working, especially for free!

What’s more, knowing that your child is doing something meaningful and worthwhile is also so important, I find. For example, I would not be very happy if I had paid for my child to attend a Holiday Camp and all they did was play in a sandpit all day and be bored. Of course, there are childcare providers out there that do provide this low level of childcare however as a mum and alongside being the director of The Strings Club, my job and main priority is to ensure that this does not take place. I want all children that attend one of our Holiday Camps to have truly memorable experiences with us – and for the right reasons too!

I wanted to ensure that children not only had a great time with us at The Strings Club but also that every day was wonderfully different for them. Recently joining me at the head office is Asako Zavertajeva-Onishi, a post graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire with a real passion for designing music workshops and educational activities for children. Asako carefully creates every workshop that takes place at our Holiday Camps and each one, from our Big Sing Song, to Sounds and Colours to Meet the Composer ensures that your child develops in more ways than one! As we have many children attending throughout the whole summer holidays, we also have ensured that every week has a different theme and I am so excited about this summer’s themes – ranging from Musical Heroes (including a workshop on David Bowie which I cannot wait for!) to our Celebrating Cultures where we take your child on a musical adventure across the world. For more information on our weekly themes for this summer, please see our previous blog post here.

To ensure that our Holiday Camps offer only the best in childcare and music education, I also created a “Your Child’s Development is Key” that outlines what skills children will develop with us on a daily basis. These include music-based skills, physical education, communication and language and personal, social and emotional health too. We have implemented these factors into each and every single activity that takes place at our Holiday Camps. You can find out a little bit more about this on our website too here.

Finally, I hope I have shown you my utmost passion towards what we do at The Strings Club and our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps. I would love nothing more than your child to join us this summer holidays and for not only your child to be enthralled with their time with us but also for you as a parent to feel happy and comforted that your child is happy and in safe hands.

Join us at a Holiday Camp this summer!