Run your own multi award-winning Holiday Camps in 2019!

I set up The Strings Club back in 2012 with a Holiday Camp of six children. Since then the music education company has grown from its small North London beginnings to 2019 where we are aiming to inspire 30,000 children through our multi award-winning programmes including Holiday Camps.

Since 2012, I have also successfully established The Strings Club in six locations across London and Birmingham – creating highly profit-making businesses in their own right and each turning over between 35K and 85K in 2018.

Having grown the business organically, I am thrilled to announce that from 2019, even more people will be able to share our success and vision of inspiring children through our multi award-winning music programmes – by running their own Holiday Camps and programmes in their own areas.

Looking for a rewarding, career change that gives you a good income and flexibility you deserve?

Now a busy mum myself, I am looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join me on my journey in sharing the benefits of music education and childcare.

Statistics show that franchisees stand a much better chance of success than people who start independent businesses. In fact, independent businesses stand a 70% to 80% chance of not surviving the first few critical years whilst franchisees have an 80% chance of surviving (Michael M Coltman, Franchising in Canada: Pros and Cons, Self-Counsel Press).

With The Strings Club, you will never be alone. We  support all of our franchisees to ensure they succeed and reach their goals. To do that over the last few years we’ve worked incredibly hard to build a successful business model and brand.  Something that is tried and tested, proven to work, and which provides the framework and tools to give you the best chance of success when launching a brand new business.

Price for a franchise in a new area starts from £15,000 and includes all equipment to get you started alongside a 3-day face to face training programme. Payment plans and loan advice available.

We are also looking for individuals to invest in our present areas too (price depends on area) including Hampstead, Islington, Brockley, Greenwich and Tooting.

If you’re interested in running Holiday Camps in your area, earning up to £75K per year and are a passionate dedicated individual with a passion for business or music education, I’d love to hear from you today for a chat.

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