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Our Favourite Children's Authors

April 8, 2024
Easter continues at our multi award-winning Holiday Camps!

Theme of the Week

Our Easter Holiday Camps continue with a literary adventure where young minds can explore the enchanting worlds created by beloved writers - from Roald Dahl to JK Rowling.

The full weekly timetables for ages 4-7 and 8-11, created by our amazing Activities Manager and qualified teacher Lucy, can be downloaded here.

Roald Dahl to JK Rowling: Our Favourite Children's Authors 📖

We start each day with an exciting session perfect for both new friends and familiar faces, kicking things off with fun interactive games that will make your child feel right at home!

Next up it’s time to get into groups to learn the ukulele or guitar in our brilliant Learn Together, Play Together sessions, led by top string teachers.

In our fun-filled, age-targeted Holiday Camp workshops for ages 4-7 and 8-11 your child will get active and creative, exploring activities from drama to sport, music to crafts.

Our Easter workshops include:

For ages 4-7:
💜 Groove through Willy Wonka's tunes, exploring the emotions and stories behind the music.
💜 Step into Hogwarts with the spellbinding scores of Harry Potter, unravelling the magic behind John Williams' legendary compositions.
💜 Discover the vibrant world of emotions with The Day the Crayons Quit, blending storytelling and art to express the colourful spectrum of feelings.
Merge the magic of music and the splendour of colours in Elmer's world, crafting a musical collage celebrating what makes us different.

For ages 8-11:
💜 Sharpen notation skills and dive into music's language with engaging bingo and puzzles, perfect for both budding maestros and first-time musicians.
💜 Unleash creativity by bringing beloved book characters to vibrant life on canvas, capturing the essence of heroes from Matilda to Percy Jackson through art.
💜 Embark on a thrilling quest for hidden Golden Tickets, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where clues, teamwork, and excitement abound.
💜 Experience the power of music dynamics, from whispering pianissimo to booming fortissimo, and learn how volume shapes emotion in music.

Don't miss out on our end-of-holiday-camp Grand Concert, where your child can show off new musical skills alongside their friends! The perfect ending to a truly memorable week.

An unforgettable Easter awaits, and we'd love for you to be a part of it!