Edouard Wood

Edouard Wood

Hackney Area Ambassador


Edouard's musical life started as a chorister in Liverpool at the age of 7. He then started playing the violin at 6 and has never looked back. *

Having moved to London to study at Trinity College of Music at 18, Edouard is the leader of the Amati Orchestra. He also teaches at Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service and is a dad of two.

Edouard started work with The Strings Club in 2015 as a violin Course Leader and moved onto become Holiday Camp Manager within a few years. In 2019, Edouard became The Strings Club's first franchisee and so far has inspired hundreds of children on his doorstep of Hackney. In 2021, alongside his Hackney Dalston venue, Edouard established a second Holiday Camp venue in Hackney Wick.

* At The Strings Club, we feel that the standard franchise model is in need of a little "revamp". Not everyone wants to start a new venture completely on their own - especially in the current financial climate . That's where our Area Ambassador package comes in. Our Area Ambassador package presents a unique offering that with our full-time admin and marketing support enables the right individuals to thrive from the offset. Our Head Office team focus on taking bookings, designing amazing workshops and digital marketing. So that our Area Ambassadors can focus on what really counts - whether that be another job, bringing up a family, ensuring the Holiday Camps themselves are amazing as can be!

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