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     Award-Winning Music Lessons for Your Child...

At The Strings Club, we provide high-quality, fun-filled instrumental lessons for children aged 4-12.             Whether a term-time course, holiday camp or school session, our award-winning tuition will inspire your child to develop a love of music, a deep understanding of music and a talent as a young musician. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Each class includes a unique blend of musicianship games, group learning and performing                                               - all part of our carefully-crafted curriculum in partnership with The Royal School of Music.   


                                            Choose from Violin, Cello, Guitar or Ukulele!

              From our complete beginners classes to our intermediate & advanced ensembles! 

                         From our holiday camps to term-time classes to after-school clubs!                                                                                            


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    Discover the benefits of group   learning at The Strings Club!                


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