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At The Strings Club, we are passionate in offering only the very best in musical education for children aged 4-11 and take pride in the programmes that we offer. We are especially proud of the achievements of the amazing children that join us.

Director Amy quotes, “Seeing children, enrolled on a Term Time Course, develop their musicianship skills alongside life skills such as building confidence, listening and communicating or overall well-being is deeply humbling and makes all of our hard work at the Head Office worth it!”

Take a look below at a selection of some of the recent achievements of children enrolled on one of our award-winning Term Time Courses:

Summer Term 2018
Child's Name:Age:The Strings Club:Instrument:Music Medal Level:Equivalent To:
David8HarborneGuitarGoldGrade 2-3
Lana9HarborneGuitarGoldGrade 2-3
Annabel7Islington GuitarCopperPre-Grade 1
Theo7Islington GuitarCoppperPre-Grade 1
Lola9BrockleyViolinCopperPre-Grade 1
Sebastian9BrockleyViolinCopperPre-Grade 1
Summer Term 2017
Child's Name:Age:The Strings Club:Instrument:Music Medal Level:Equivalent To:
Lily10HarborneGuitarPlatinumGrade 4
Grace9HampsteadViolinGoldGrade 2-3
Jude7HarborneViolinCopperPre Grade 1
Isabelle9HarborneViolinPlatinumGrade 4
Spring Term 2017
Child's NameAge:The Strings Club:Instrument:Music Medal Level:Equivalent To:
Annabel8HarborneViolinGoldGrade 2-3
Ethan7HarborneViolinSilverGrade 1
Bobby6Hampstead GuitarSilverGrade 1
Theo8 BournvilleGuitarSilverGrade 1
Autumn Term 2016
Child's NameAge:The Strings Club:Instrument:Music Medal:Equivalent To:
Kiera5HampsteadViolinCopperPre-Grade 1
Coco6HampsteadViolinBronzeGrade 1
Frank10HarborneGuitarGoldGrade 2-3
Jinxi8HarborneViolinGoldGrade 2-3

Our Holiday Camps also offer only the highest quality of music education and childcare too. What enables our award-winning Holiday Camps to stand proudly apart from other childcare providers is our passion and dedication in promoting the learning and development of all children in our care. Every Holiday Camp focuses on our “Four Key Areas of Development” that we believe are particularly crucial in igniting your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, for building their capacity to learn and form relationships. Read more here.

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