Inspire your child
through music
Award winning musical experiences for children aged 4-11

Recommended Listening

At The Strings Club we are deeply passionate about offering only the best musical experiences for children.

We also know that learning to play an instrument is not only about practicing but also encouraging children to listen to a range of musical styles from classical to folk to world music.

What should I listen to first?

There is so much fantastic music out there it can be difficult to know where to start! To help you, we have created a few playlists for you to get your ears into alongside some interesting child-friendly facts about each piece too! Each piece also has a link to Spotify and YouTube making it very quick and easy for you to get started!

Next Steps

Take a look at our brand new YouTube channel including a range of interactive, fun videos that introduce the ukulele, violin, guitar and cello (coming very soon)

Not sure which instrument to start on? Come along to one of our Discovery Days where your child can try out two new instruments and receive two 20 minute lessons for free!

Read more about our Discovery Days here