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Recommended Listening

At The Strings Club we are deeply passionate about music. Learning to play isn’t just about practising technique over and over. Sometimes the best development comes from listening to others play, to live performances and to pieces of music, classical and contemporary.

What should I listen to first?

There are so many fantastic pieces out there it can be difficult to know where to start! To help we thought about pieces that we like, things we have learnt to play and pieces that we enjoy listening to, and put them in two documents: Recommended Listening List 1 and Recommended Listening List 2. We also regularly update you with some season-appropriate Recommended Listening lists. Why not head over to our blog to find our Recommended Listening for Summer and Recommended Listening for Autumn.

There are links to Spotify and to YouTube making it very quick and easy for you to get listening immediately and we’ve given you a synopsis with extra information and things you can discuss with your child when listening to the pieces. It is the perfect way to begin to explore different music together.

Next steps

If your child is ready to move onto the next stage and begin to learn and instrument then take a look at our YouTube channel where we have lots of videos introducing stringed instruments – ukulele, violin, guitar and cello. Not sure which instrument to start on? Come along to one of our Discovery Days where your child can try out two new instruments and receive two 20 minute lessons for free!

One of our favourites

Here is a great starting point – Peter and the Wolf, by Sergei Prokofiev, wonderfully narrated by Bramwell Tovey of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. When you listen to the piece can you think why Prokofiev might have chosen to give these
characters to those instruments in particular? Happy listening!