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Theme of the week

Mysterious Magic

August 14, 2023
Step into the magical world of the Enchanted Woodlands as we dive into our theme of the week: Mysterious Magic.

Theme of the Week

In the "Into the Woods" workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the wonders of the Enchanted Woodlands. Join us as we embrace our inner characters and prepare for a fabulous performance. Get ready to unleash your creativity and let the magic unfold.

But that's not all! Our theme of the week extends beyond the woods. "Tag You're It" introduces yoga and mindfulness to children, helping them develop lifelong habits and healthy ways to cope with emotions. Through yoga, we encourage coordination, balance, strength, and mindfulness, all while igniting their imaginations in a circus-themed adventure.

In "Magic Hats," we step into the shoes of the characters we've created and explore the world through their eyes. And for all the Harry Potter fans out there, "Harry Potter Wands" is the perfect workshop to learn about wands and craft your very own with careful selection of materials. Remember, the wand chooses its owner!

A Magical Mix

Alongside our carefully-created workshops are our ukulele, guitar or violin lessons - led by the UK's top string teachers. Don't miss out on our Grand End of Holiday Camp Concert either! The perfect ending to a truly memorable week!