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July 24, 2023
We're kick starting our second week of by hosting a week long celebrations around the theme of the Olympics.

Theme of the Week

Starting with our very own opening ceremony, we'll create a vibrant and energetic event that showcases the competing nations.

Throughout the week, children will have the opportunity to design their own Olympic games, incorporating a range of skills. We'll also engage in sports activities, promoting teamwork and cooperation.

Finally, we'll wrap up the week with a closing ceremony, celebrating the achievements of the children through music, song, and dance. Don't miss out on this unforgettable holiday experience at The Strings Club Olympics!

Brand New 8-11s Holiday Camps*

Introducing our thrilling 8-11s Holiday Camps designed to ignite the Olympic spirit in your child!

We'll explore a wide range of sports events featured in the games, from fencing to long jump and beyond. Through music and training, we'll develop our Olympian skills and create lasting associations with these incredible sports.

Friday takes us on a journey to the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony, where we'll delve into the special music that accompanied the event, including orchestral renditions of beloved video game tunes. It's a cultural experience like no other!

* Taking place in Islington, Greenwich, Hampstead, Harborne on specific weeks