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Feb 2024 -TBC

February 11, 2024
Following the success of our Summer Holiday Camps, we are rolling smoothly on a high into Autumn, bringing plenty of magic, light and celebration.

Theme of the Week

This is no time to hibernate, as we have got a week packed full of fun as we celebrate Diwali, Black British History, Mexican Day of the Dead and much much more. Don’t miss out, book now to get yourself a place at one of our multi award-winning Holiday Camps!

We’re proud to offer 12 types of workshops to ensure that every child is inspired right up until pick up time!


Download a full timetable here

⭐  Wellbeing - Pieces of Me

⭐  Dance - Music in Motion

⭐  Sport - Sportbeat

⭐  Drama - Performarama

⭐  Music - Big Jam | Big Sing Song

⭐  Music History - Meet the Composer