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Circus Fun

August 21, 2023
Whether your child is circus clever clogs or a class clown, this unforgettable holiday experience is designed for everyone.

Theme of the Week

The highlight of our Circus Fun week is the Circus Skills Juggling workshop. Prepare to be amazed as you learn the art of juggling with satsumas, beanbags, or balls.

With expert guidance, children will master the classic circus skill of juggling with two balls. It's a chance to clown around and showcase their newly acquired talents!

But the fun doesn't stop there! We also invite you to test your balance and coordination on the Circus Tightrope. Just like yoga and mindfulness, circus activities promote lifelong habits and healthy ways to cope with emotions. Join us as we soar through the air, exploring the wonders of circus-inspired yoga and mindfulness practices. Strengthen your body, find your balance, and let your imagination run wild!

So, roll up, roll up! Join us at The Strings Club Circus Fun! Whether your child is a circus clever clogs or a class clown, this week promises laughter, amazement, and a chance for them to shine. An unforgettable holiday starts now, and we'd love for you to be a part of it!

A Magical Mix

Alongside our carefully-created workshops are our ukulele, guitar or violin lessons - led by the UK's top string teachers. Don't miss out on our Grand End of Holiday Camp Concert either! The perfect ending to a truly memorable week!