Inspire your child
through music
Award winning musical experiences for children aged 4-11

Our Five Step Process

At The Strings Club, our selection process is designed with you in mind and to make your journey to a franchisee as easy and enjoyable as possible! Our five step journey includes:

  1. Complete our “Find Out More” form
  2. “Discover Chat” with Amy
  3. Face to Face Meeting
  4. Letter of Intent & signing of Franchise Agreement
  5. 2-day training begins and equipment delivered

This is where it really starts!

Once a candidate has been approved as a franchisee, the real excitement (and the hard work) begins. We start with a “Welcome 2-day training”, that will ensure you know all the ins and outs of running your own multi award-winning business with a range of outstanding programmes for children aged 4-11.

After all that comes the magical day when you use our tried and tested Operational Model and Marketing Manual to start organising your very own first event – and of course, we’ll be there with you on a regular basis to offer support, encouragement and congratulations all the way!

To find out how The Strings Club – a multi award-winning and fast-growing music education and childcare franchise could work for you, call us on 0121 296 9204 or complete the quick form below. 

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