Inspire your child
through music
Award winning musical experiences for children aged 4-11

Ten Reasons Why To Join Us

Find 10 reasons on why you should consider joining us:

1. A Booming Childcare Industry: The childcare is a huge market in the UK with over £7.5bn spent on services in 2017 alone. It is a growth sector, increasing at an average of 11% annually.

Using our tried and tested model we are able to achieve:

2. Operational Excellence: With 6 years experience of running a range of music programmes across 6 large areas, we are firmly established as a market leader in our industry.

3. Tried and Tested Model: Because we have been grown organically over the past 7 years, we have tested, learned how to do things better and adapted at each new opportunity and have created a model we know works well and is lucrative from the outset.

4. Industry recognition: We have been recognised on a national level for our business model, scalability and high-quality programmes. From Start Up Business of the Year (2013) to Scale Up Business (2018). Read more about the awards.

5. Excellent initial training: our initial training programme provides franchisees with a thorough understanding of all aspects of running a business with The Strings Club, from cashflow forecasts and break even analysis to health and safety guidelines.

6. Work / Life Balance: Whether you are a parent, frazzled by the challenges of juggling work and family life, a business person looking for a healthy investment or a recent graduate who finds the prospect of a traditional 9 to 5 job unappealing, a franchise with The Strings Club could be for you.

7. Strong Partnerships: In addition to working alongside Ofsted with our Holiday Camps, we are proud of our partnerships with a range of like-minded, popular organisations. These include: Music Medals (ABRSM), Birmingham Town Hall – Symphony Hall, Boston Tea Party and many more. Read more about our national partnerships.

8. Ongoing development: Our programmes are constantly evolving in response to market requirements and feedback from our franchisees and customers. This focus on continuous development means that The Strings Club and our franchisees can stay ahead of the curve and proudly stand apart from the rest.

9. Committed to your Success: We understand that setting up your own business feels like a huge gamble and risk – we’ve been there ourselves. With The Strings Club, you will never be alone. Our successful, tried and tested franchise package gives you the tools to offer a multi award-winning experience while operating an efficient, profitable and highly successful business.

10. A Strong Brand:  Our established brand provides franchisees with a great platform to develop their businesses in their local territories.

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