As the UK’s only music education and childcare provider in the UK,  we have had to adapt the business pretty quickly to the current circumstances – to bring the joys of our Holiday Camps to your home!

So we’d love to welcome your child to our brand new Online Holiday Camp service that will run from Monday 29th June to Friday  28th August- designed to inspire and educate your child whilst giving you some well-earned breathing space – to do what you need to do.

We only have one cohort of 20 children for our taster week so we highly advise signing the form below if you’d like to be contacted first.

Founder and mum, Amy quotes, “We know many parents are juggling a million plates – I know full well myself! From the beginning of lockdown, we had to quickly adapt the business and have been running our Daily Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and Music Club Sessions from Dallas to Peckham to Barcelona! With many children not heading back to school until September, we want to go that extra mile and really support parents. This is something as a busy parent myself I feel very passionate about.”

Check out our fun-filled timetable:

  • 09:30am – 10am- Welcome and “Music Club” (no instruments needed)
  • 10am – 10:15am – Quick Break (for a snack and a chat together)
  • 10:15am – 11am – “Learn Together, Play Together” instrumental lessons including violin, guitar or ukulele*
  • 11am – 11:15am – Quick Break (for a snack and a chat together)
  • 11:15am – 12pm – “Imagination Station” workshop – a creative workshop designed to ignite your child’s imagination

*Don’t have an instrument? We will be offering a non-instrument Cohort 2 in early July too.

Each Friday at 10:45am, we will have our Grand Concert – the perfect opportunity for your child and their friends to show what fun they have had and how much they have learnt with their new friends!

The theme of the week will be announced Monday 15th June and no two days will be the same.

Each and every activity will focus on “Your Child’s Development is Key” educational guide that focuses on developing your child in more ways than one including:
  • literacy and language
  • mathematics
  • well-being
  • musicianship

We only have 20 places available for our Taster week and would love to welcome your child and give you some breathing space to do what you need to do!

How much does it cost?

Flexi booking – £15 per day

wc 29th June – £50 per week (£4 per hour)

Reserve your child’s place

Our Taster Online Holiday Camps is available to be booked! We only have 20 places available. Reserve your child’s place below.

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