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We ask that everyone in your home is wearing clothes during our online sessions. This may seem like a silly request but it’s really important. If anyone at home has forgotten to cover up (even your baby sibling!), it would be a good idea to nicely remind them that an online session is taking

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How Our Zoom Sessions Work


On your Registration Email upon booking with us you will receive your Zoom link and password. We highly advise you keep this handy by book-marking the email for ease. 5-10 mins before the session, copy and paste the link into your web browser and click return. This will take you to Zoom and ask

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Online Safety | Empowering Your Child


To ensure your child gets the most out of our online lessons and events, our Course Leaders start every lesson with a hello, register and a re-cap of our Golden Rules. These rules can be anything from making sure the session takes place in a quiet room (to avoid other children in the group being distracted) to listening and watching to the use of non-verbal language.

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Online Safety | What Is Zoom?


Founded in 2011, Zoom is one of the world’s leading video conferencing software providers. It has a number of features, including video and audio conferencing, real-time messaging, screen-sharing and the ability to upload, share and search for content. Users can start their own meetings or they can join meetings set up by others. The

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Online Safety | Overview


This Policy was developed with support from Désirée Abrahams of Day Associates, a business and human rights consultancy specialising in business and children's rights.  Since COVID-19 took over our normal lives, families have been forced to a certain extent to access a range of activities for children via the internet. As an Ofsted-registered childcare

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