As we’re living in unprecedented times, we at The Strings Club want to support families as much as possible!

We’ll be doing this in four ways:

  • Daily Activities to Inspire – published every day and aimed to entertain!
  • Online Sessions – group Guitar, Violin, Ukulele and general Music Sessions run by our amazing team
  • Online Concerts – both for you and your little one
  • One to One Lessons – bespoke sessions to keep your child’s tuition going

One of the ways we will be doing this will be creating a new blog every day with one fun-filled activity that your child can do at home. This could range from something creative that ignites their young imaginations  to our popular Meet the Composer series on the likes of Bach to Bowie! 

Today’s Daily Activity to Inspire Is MAKE A MUSYCLE SHAKER

What happens when you mix fun and lively music with recycling? You get…musycling! With musycling you turn rubbish and unwanted items into fantastic musical instruments that can be played again and again. Children can explore sound and compose their own tunes and songs with the instruments they create. 

Here is a guide to making a musycle shaker, or why not use the guide as inspiration to make other musycle instruments. Be as creative as you can using things you have lying about the house! Thanks to Twinkl for the amazing resource.
Day 1 – Musycle Shakers

We’d love to see pictures of your child being inspired – why not share with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram platforms? 

Want more inspiration? Why not book an Online Session with us for only £5? Led by our amazing team members, we have a range of online lessons on offer from group ukulele, guitar or violin to our morning music sessions.  

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