Top 5 Free Things To Do in Brum this Summer


Getting organised for this upcoming Summer holidays?  If you’re searching for kids’ activities in Birmingham, then The Strings Club is here to help!

As parents ourselves, finding (and funding) activities over the school holidays can be daunting - so we have done the hard work for you! 

Things to do with kids this Summer in Birmingham

1: Explore the Exciting Bike Club at Shirley Park!

Join us this summer holiday at the Bike Club in Shirley Park, where you can enjoy a fantastic blend of fun, skill-building, and friendship. Designed for 6-14 year olds, this club offers interactive cycling games and challenges in nearby parks, providing the perfect opportunity to enhance and refine your cycling abilities. Don't miss out on this free opportunity for your kid to have fun and learn new skills!

2. Reconnect with Nature at RSPB Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve

In search of a refreshing and rejuvenating day out with your family? Look no further than the beautiful outdoor free places in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, RSPB Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve stands as a serene haven where you and your children can immerse yourselves in the wonders of local wildlife. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to instill a love and appreciation for the natural world in your children. Take a breath of fresh air and create cherished memories at RSPB Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve - a place where nature's wonders come to life before your very eyes.

Things to do with kids this Summer in Birmingham

3. Discover Ikon Gallery: A Treasure Trove for Family Adventures

Embark on an exhilarating family adventure at the captivating Ikon Gallery, conveniently nestled in the heart of the city and effortlessly accessible via public transport. Prepare to be mesmerised as artists from across the globe showcase their awe-inspiring works, spanning an array of mesmerising mediums, including film and sound, for an immersive and sensory experience like no other, with something for the whole family.

4. Embark on an Epic Adventure with Birmingham's Tolkien Trail!

Calling all young Tolkien enthusiasts! Prepare for an extraordinary journey through the enchanting Birmingham region on the legendary Tolkien Trail. Step into the shoes of the renowned author himself and explore the very sights and scenes that inspired his magical world. It's a thrilling quest to see the world through Tolkien's eyes, and the best part? You can take it all in at your own pace!

5. Discover Boundless Excitement on Every Floor of the Birmingham Library:

Unleash Your Child's Imagination with Photography Exhibitions, Craft Workshops, Poetry Readings, and More! The library also hosts a variety of workshops, events, and educational programs designed to nurture your child's curiosity and inspire their love for learning. From arts and crafts sessions to storytelling workshops and science experiments, every visit is an opportunity for your child to learn, grow, and thrive.

Things to do with kids this Summer in Birmingham

Summer Activities in Birmingham

If you’re looking for fun, free and exciting things to do with your children, we hope our top tips above help. But if you’re looking for an unmissable Summer for your child  whilst you work, then we'd love to welcome your child to one of our Holiday Camps near you.

With over 100 5* independent reviews via Feefo from parents this year, The Strings Club welcomes children from one day to the whole experience.

We start each morning with our fun-filled “Learn Together, Play Together ” instrumental sessions. Free hire of an instrument including Guitar, Violin or Ukulele to take home!

Afternoons include our carefully-created, interactive workshops – designed to inspire your child in more ways than one! Think sports, music, drama, art and dance!

Each Holiday Camp ends with a Grand Concert. Enabling your child to proudly show what they have achieved alongside their new friends!