Strings Club Minis and the EYFS Curriculum


Strings Club Minis works with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to provide award winning education and inspiration for reception age children.

Specifically designed for children in reception class, our Strings Club Minis programme is an ideal introduction to music, giving them a head start in their first year of education! Every lesson is presented in an interactive and fun-filled way and works alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to help develop: Communication skills; Social and Emotional Development; Literacy Skills; Mathematical Development; and their understanding of the world. Here’s how!

📕 Literacy development:

We love using puppets and props to tell and sing stories! Twinned with repetition and animated singing, children are able to learn to read music whilst also developing their literacy skills.

🧮 Mathematics development:

Music and Maths go hand in hand: finding patterns within music and singing songs that incorporate numbers are a great way to increase children’s confidence and development within maths.

🎭 Expressive Arts & Design:

As an art form, music is a great way to explore different ideas and how we can express them. Whilst dancing and making music, the children safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques to develop a basic knowledge of musical features such as rhythm, notation, pitch, pulse and dynamics.

🎻 Communication and language development:

Allowing children to play freely with musical instruments encourages them to explore, question, discuss and learn, whilst developing their language skills through the use of extended vocabulary. Children are encouraged to listen to music in and out of their lessons and to talk about what they do/don’t like about what they hear.

🌎 Understanding of the world:

Learning about music is a great way to learn about both our own culture and other people’s cultures. Playing music from around the world and discussing the similarities and differences instills an open mindset of learning about other communities and places.

If you’re interested in your child being involved in Strings Club Minis, send us an email to nominate your school for an afterschool club!