A group of children holding ukuleles in the air

How The Strings Club can help your school implement the government's new plan for music


From wellbeing to confidence to literacy skills, over the past 10 years we have seen the huge benefits music can have on a child. 🎶

That’s why we were delighted to see that England has pledged £25 million for instrument purchase and education for children in Key Stages 1-3.

The government’s new National Plan for Music states that:

✅ Schools should deliver high-quality curriculum music for at least one hour a week in Key Stages 1-3, supported by co-curricular learning and musical experiences.

✅ Music should be represented in every school’s leadership structure, with a designated music lead or head of department at school and/or academy trust level, for primary and secondary phases.

✅ In partnership with hubs, schools should create a music development plan that captures the curricular and co-curricular offer and sets out how it will be staffed and funded. Multi-academy trusts should develop trust-wide plans.

How we can support busy schools to implement the above:

✅We can offer schools a range of high-quality, fun-filled lessons on either Ukulele or Guitar and as an Afterschool Club or within PPA time.

✅Offer support and advice to the music lead of each school in implementing the new guidelines

✅Cost effective, progressive lessons from as little as £4.80 per pupil, per week (max group size: 15)

✅Easy to use booking system so we do the administration on your behalf

✅We hire only the best string teachers so schools can be rest assured pupils will be learning

✅ Impact and Develop Report every term to show how children are benefiting from The Strings Club lessons

Our multi award-winning Afterschool Clubs and PPA provision tick all of the required boxes for the government’s new plan meaning schools can be certain that pupils are receiving the highest quality of music education,being inspired whilst fulfilling the government's requirements too.

For more information on how we can support your school alongside the New Music Plan for Education, please complete the quick form below or call our friendly Head Office team on 0121 296 9204.