Top 5 Mindfulness Apps For Children


Over the pandemic, we’ve felt passionate in continuing our range of programmes for children aged 4-11.

Why? Because we’re fully aware that music has major benefits for our mental health and wellbeing.

We have seen this with our very own eyes at our Holiday Camps! Such developments range from confidence to overall wellbeing to the ability to build friendships with others to simply loving music – which is never a bad thing!

One simple mindfulness practice done consistently with your child can really help calm and ground them.

So whether it’s a gratitude morning practice, a breathing exercise or use of mindfulness apps, most children can learn to pay attention and bring themselves back to a calm place even in the midst of a challenge.

We’re sharing our favourite five mindfulness apps that can help your child begin a practice of mindfulness alongside a healthy use of technology too.

1 – Dreamy Kid

The DreamyKid meditation app offers meditation, guided visualisation and affirmations curated just for children & teens. It uses proven techniques that teach your kids methods to guide them towards a happier life through mindfulness.

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2 – Kids Yoga Deck

Children will love to move their bodies as they flip through their very own yoga deck. With clear pictures and step-by-step instructions, these yoga poses are fun, child-friendly, and great for everybody!

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3 – Stop Breathe and Think Kids

As parents, we want to raise our kids to be able to handle whatever comes their way. Whether they need to mellow out before bed, develop positive relationships or simply have a peaceful moment, Stop, Breathe & Think Kids offers children a fun and easy way to identify and process their emotions. From counting breaths to friendly wishes or frog jumps, each activity brings fun rewards to keep them engaged.

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4 – Breathing Bubbles

Breathing Bubbles is an app that helps kids practice releasing worries and focusing on good feelings by allowing kids to select the emotion they are feeling and how strongly they are feeling it. Kids can choose to handle their emotion by releasing a worry or receiving a joy as Manny the Manatee walks them through deep breathing and visualization.

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5 – Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is designed to help people-pressure, stress, and challenges of daily life. This app has a fantastic section on Mindfulness in the Classroom and is suited for kids ages 7-18.

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