Summer is over and it’s now time for your child to warm up those fingers after the long summer break, wipe the dust off their instrument and get back into the ‘string’ of it! Homepage girl 1170x473

Warming up the body before playing an instrument is super important, so why not try one of our popular warm up exercises at home?
We’ve included a couple of our favourites below. Did you know that just 10 minutes of daily practise can be a great way to inspire children to play!

The Funky Chicken!

This game is our all-time favourite! Simply sing the Funky Chicken song whilst making up some ridiculous actions to go alongside it – the sillier the better, in our opinion! Once your child has learnt the words and movements – why not have a little competition on who can do the best actions!
“How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? So come on all you people, and shake your caboose!”

The Clap When I Clap Game!

Get your child to rub their hands together to warm up their fingers. Then explain that whenever you clap, they clap!  Try to catch them out by doing slow movements, really fast movements or long pauses. You can also change the action to “when I pat my head” or “when I rub my belly”.
It’s a fun but simple game all the family can get involved in!

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