Recommended Music Shops

At The Strings Club we have quite the knowledge when it comes to stringed instruments and understand the importance of finding the “one”. This includes violins, ukuleles, guitar and cellos.

To help you find the perfect instrument for your child, we have created a list of our favourite independent music shops across Birmingham and London to help with your purchase.


Fair Deal Music
Guitar Guitar
The Little Guitar Shop
Moseley Violins


The lovely people at Guitar Guitar, Birmingham have even recommended us their perfect children’s guitar! They suggest the Fender ESC80 3/4 Size Classical Guitar, £75 as a great starting guitar, they also have ukuleles starting from £20.

North London  
Camden Guitars

South London
Red Dog Music
Drum Shack
Musicland UK Ltd

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Did You Hear Us On The Radio?

Did you hear us on Heart FM? CcXi0U2WoAEp0j1

This week we were invited to join the Heart FM Breakfast show with Ed and Rach to throw a Musical Leap Day Party for their lovely listener Alison! We had lots of fun during our time at the studio, playing games, showing Alison how to play the ukulele and helping ourselves to a slice of birthday cake – take a look at the photos below!
Did you know we throw Parties? Take advantage of our 15% offer!
Give your child an award-winning party with a magical, musical twist! With high-octane music games, activities and music-making, you can be sure that your child’s party will be the one to remember! Led by super friendly and professional musicians and actors, our Strings Club parties are wonderfully interactive and suit any budget too!
Party goers will be dancing their socks off, singing their hearts out and will even have the chance to have a go on an instrument or two, including violin, guitar and ukulele!

Find out more about our Musical Parties!

Top Tips – Looking After An Instrument!

Handle with care! Follow our very simple guide and your child’s instrument will stay in tip top condition! IMG_2402

#1 Clean the instrument with care and make sure your child always washes their sticky fingers after eating or playing outside before practising.

#2 Encourage your child put the instrument back into its case whenever it’s not being played, to keep it safe and protected. But don’t forget to make sure the case is securely fastened – so there are no accidents with instruments falling out when walking to the car or on the train!

#3 Don’t leave your instrument on the floor, where it can be knocked over or sat on! You never know, a clumsy Dad or pet may trip over it!

#4 Take care to store your instrument in a place with an even temperature – not too hot, or too cold. So no leaving it in the boot of the car on a chilly winter’s night or lent up against a radiator!

#5 Don’t turn the pegs! If the instrument is out of tune, we recommend waiting until your next lesson for the teacher to tune it for you. When pegs are turned, this can lead  broken strings!

Oops! We’ve broken a string!

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

If you have a rented instrument,simply let us our office team know ASAP so we can arrange for a spare string to be ready at your next lesson! Please arrive a few minutes earlier so your Strings Club teacher can prepare your child’s instrument before the lesson starts!

Shake it off & warm up those fingers!

Summer is over and it’s now time for your child to warm up those fingers after the long summer break, wipe the dust off their instrument and get back into the ‘string’ of it! Homepage girl 1170x473

Warming up the body before playing an instrument is super important, so why not try one of our popular warm up exercises at home?
We’ve included a couple of our favourites below. Did you know that just 10 minutes of daily practise can be a great way to inspire children to play!

The Funky Chicken!

This game is our all-time favourite! Simply sing the Funky Chicken song whilst making up some ridiculous actions to go alongside it – the sillier the better, in our opinion! Once your child has learnt the words and movements – why not have a little competition on who can do the best actions!
“How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? So come on all you people, and shake your caboose!”

The Clap When I Clap Game!

Get your child to rub their hands together to warm up their fingers. Then explain that whenever you clap, they clap!  Try to catch them out by doing slow movements, really fast movements or long pauses. You can also change the action to “when I pat my head” or “when I rub my belly”.
It’s a fun but simple game all the family can get involved in!

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What Are Music Medals?

Give your child the recognition they deserve with Music Medals!Screenshot-143-1

In the past few years we’re thrilled to have helped over 80 children earn a prestigious Music Medal Award! This weekend we will be presenting some of you String Club musicians their Music Medal certificates – congratulations to all of you!
Music Medals encourage children to celebrate the skills they have learnt during their time at The Strings Club and provide them with a true sense of achievement.

But what are Music Medals?

As partners with the Royal School of Music, any child aged 5-11 enrolled on our guitar or violin term-time courses can work towards a Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum  Music Medal Award – accredited within the National Qualifications Framework.

Whereas typically it might take over two years for a beginner to reach grade 1, Music Medals can be achieved every term – giving something really worthwhile for your child to practice towards!
Rather than the formalised setting of a grade exam, Music Medals are based at our Strings Club venues and children have to prepare a solo piece, an ensemble piece and also a short musicianship test which can vary from sigh-reading to making up a tune!

Abilities move from complete beginners to Copper class (those who have played for one term) the onto Bronze (those who have played for two terms) and beyond to our intermediate ensembles!

Find out more about Music Medals!

Thank You For Joining Us!

Thank you for joining us at our Open Day

We had a fantastic day at our Open Days in Bournville, Harborne, Primrose Hill and Brockley on Saturday 9 January. It was great to meet so many budding musicians and to introduce parents and little ones to all areas of The Strings Club including Term-Time Coures, Holiday Camps and Parties.
The Strings Club also celebrated over 40 children earning their Music Medals by handing out certificates and badges in front of our Open Day attendees. Our amazing Strings Club children also performed for our audience, showing what you can achieve when you attend The Strings Club!

To see the full gallery of our Open Day please head over to our Facebook page.
If you and your child had fun at our Open Day and you are interested in joining us this Term-Time, lessons begin across London and Birmingham this week. To book your place give our friendly team a call on 0121 296 9204.

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