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Minis Awards


Celebrating their achievements from age 4 onwards

To help your child track their progress through their first year with us on a Minis programme, we’ve established Minis Awards, enabling your child to celebrate the music skills they have learnt and give them a real sense of achievement on a termly basis.

Exclusive to The Strings Club and designed by our specialist string team, there are three levels to our Minis Awards, each one progressively more difficult than the previous, ensuring your child regularly challenges themselves whilst having fun at the same time. Beginning in the first term with their Caterpillar Minis award, your child will then move onto their Chrysalis Minis award in the second term and will complete their yearly programme with us by working towards their Butterfly Minis award

Each step in the Minis Awards is designed to help your child grow in skills and confidence and after a year of development they will emerge as fully fledged Butterfly Minis ready to move onto their Sound Start programme with ease.

Your child will be asked to prepare for a short assessment (2-5 minutes) based on our Minis syllabus. There is a separate syllabus for each award level and all of this will covered as part of the classes. Minis awards will take place during week 8 within the lesson. Read more on Minis Awards here.

Having completed their Minis Awards, your child will be fully prepared for Sound Start programme, full of confidence and there is no limit to what they can achieve! As partners with Music Medals, part of The Royal Schools of Music, children enrolled onto a Sound Start programme will then go on to working towards a prestigious Music Medal award, equivalent to the Grade system.

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