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  • How do you recruit, check and train your staff?

The Strings Club teachers are professional musicians who have extensive experience working with children and a passion for teaching!

They are hand-picked after a lengthy interview during which they demonstrate their ability to teach and enthuse children to love playing their instrument!

Once selected, they go through a rigorous checking procedure including verbal and written communication with personal and professional references and a full DBS enhanced disclosures. 

Teachers undergo a First Aid course focusing on children and babies and all staff attend termly refresher training and evaluations to ensure that they are full conversant with all resources, curricula and the latest activities.  


  • How will I be kept in touch with my child's development?

At the end of each term-time course and holiday camp, family and friends can enjoy our grand concert where your child will show you what they've achieved. You'll be amazed we guarantee!

If you don't have time to talk at the end of our classes, contact us at The Strings Club HQ  we shall put you in touch with the teacher - and your feedback will be answered within 24 hours!


  • What if we miss a session?

When your child enrols or renews their sessions at The Strings Club, they are booking a place in the workshop for ten consecutive sessions. This means that, even if they don't attend, that space has been reserved for them and no other child can take their place for that session. Unfortunately therefore, missed sessions cannot be added on to the end of a block under any circumstances.

We do however have a system of "make-up" sessions where your child can attend another venue to make up the missed session, providing they are still attending The Strings Club. This is dependent on availability and needs to be confirmed by contacting us at The Strings Club HQ. Please see our terms and conditions) for more information. 


  • Why don't you separate the children into smaller age groups?

Our Strings Club Minis is specifically designed for 4-5 year olds (reception class only) - to encourage children develop life skills as well as their confidence, focus and wellbeing - all aspects that are vital in the first year of school life and something they will never forget. 

At The Strings Club, children are divided into groups depending on their developmental stage and work in accordance with ABRSM Music Medals from Complete Beginner, Copper, Silver and onwards! Activities are expertly graded for the abilities of the group so you can be confident your child will be able to participate in every part of the session.

The nature of the musicianship activities and the learning and performing of fun musical repertoire means that a 8 year old child can enjoy and benefit from them just as much as a 4 year old and vice versa. In fact, we've found that a mixed age range increases the opportunities for growth and musical development. Younger children are stretched and stimulated by the rest of the group and older children blossom from the ability to influence activities and gain valuable leadership skills.


  • What happens if my child says they don't want to come anymore?

In our experience, children who show a reluctance to attend a Strings Club class when they have been attending happily are sometimes responding to other pressures relating to with school, friends or family issues. In these situations, it's often best to contact us at Strings Club HQ - to discuss the problem as they will be able to tell you how your child has been performing in the workshops and may have an insight into any problem areas.

If you're sure you don't want your child to continue attending sessions already paid for, please be aware that we don't offer refunds. However, it is possible to cancel your child's sessions and transfer the resulting credit onto your account to be used on a future course. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

 Please see our 'Terms & Conditions' (below - underneath 'Read More') for further information.