What is a Named Contact?

A Named Contact are those who are:

  • authorised to drop off this child at a Holiday Camp or Term Time Course
  • authorised to collect this child at the end of the day
  • to be contacted in the event of illness or an emergency

My child requires medication, how should I inform you?

If a child attending a Holiday Camp requires medication of any kinds their Named Contact must complete a Permission to Administer Medicine form prior to or upon arrival at the Holiday Camp.

The designated First Aider will be responsible for administering medication or for witnessing self-administration by the child. The designated First Aider will record any administration of medication on a corresponding Record of Medication Given form to be countersigned by the Named Contact upon collection of the child.

  • A separate form is required for each medication prescribed and the Named Contact is required to inform the designated First Aider should there be any change to dosage or frequency of the medication
  • The designated First Aider can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse, or pharmacist and all medicines must be in the original container by the pharmacy
  • If the children carry their own medication (e.g asthma inhalers), the designated First Aider will offer to keep the medication safe until is required
  • Under no circumstances will the First Aider administer medication against the will of a child

Do I need to find a venue before booking?

It’s not necessary for you to have a venue secured before booking with The Strings Club. However, as soon as you are able to secure a venue we advise that you inform us asap.

How many children can attend the party?

A Strings Club Party Leader is able to host a party of 15 children. For parties with 15-30 children, we will provide a Party Assistant to no extra charge to yourself.

We also accommodate for parties over 30 children, however there is an admin charge of £5 per additional child booked.

Can younger or older children join in?

Our Strings Club parties are designed for those aged 4-11yr olds. While they are not suitable for those older than 11, siblings are more than welcome to participate in a younger family’s member party with us.

Can I pay in instalments?

Of course! A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, and the remaining 50% will be due one week before the party itself.

How much does a Strings Club party cost?

Our Strings Club ukulele gurus parties last for 1.5hrs and cost £250 (incl. VAT). With 30 children attending this equates to around £7.50 each!

Why should I choose The Strings Club for my child’s birthday party?

Our award-winning parties, are one of a kind! You won’t find ukulele parties anywhere else and we guarantee that your child’s party will be the one to remember! Before the big event, you will receive free party invites, attendance certificates, balloons and a welcome pack delivered free to your front door.

Your little one and each friend will be ukulele gurus with our free hire of a ukulele for every child that attends. We can also tailor our parties to everything your child loves – think favourite pop and action sons. We’re also running an offer where you can receive 10% off your total price plus a free Strings Club t-shirt for your little one if you book the day of enquiring with us.

If I miss the event – can I rebook for a later date?

Do I need to stay for the full event?

Yes you will need to, however due to space we recommend only one parent/guardian attends with your child.