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Holiday Camps

Instrument hire is completely free at all of our Holiday Camps. For more information on what we offer, please click here.


Term Time Courses 

The Strings Club offers the hire of a high quality, suitable sized instrument for any child enrolled on a Term Time Course at the rate of £35 per term.

1a. If the request to hire an instrument is received by Head Office up to 1 week prior to the commencement of Week 1 then the availability of an instrument is guaranteed.

1b. If the request to hire an instrument is received by Head Office less than 1 week prior to the commencement of Week 1 then the availability of an instrument is not guaranteed.

Should you hire an instrument the associated Instrument Hire – Terms & Conditions apply.


If you wish to purchase your own instrument, check out our blog post on the recommended music shops in your area.

The Strings Club teachers are professional musicians who have extensive experience working with children and a passion for teaching. Our pastoral team are experienced childcare professionals. All team members attend termly training sessions and are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are fully conversant with all resources and curricula. You can find out more about our commitment to safeguarding children here.

Term Time Courses

At The Strings Club we understand that things don’t always go to plan and occasionally you might not be able to make a session. This is why we try to offer “make-up sessions” – an opportunity to join another class of a similar ability on a different day or at a different venue.

We will always provide you with that week’s ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ guide so your child still has plenty to work on that week.

If you know that your child is going to miss a session please get in touch with usso we can let the teacher know.

Unfortunately, if your child misses over two sessions in a term we may suggest that your child repeats that level next term.

Holiday Camps

If you know that your child is going to miss a session please get in touch with us

If we are informed within 48hrs prior to the session we will be able to release their space and either transfer your booking to a future date or provide you with a credit note. 

If we are informed with less than 48hrs notice this may not be possible.

Please see our ‘Cancellation Policy’ for more information.

At The Strings Club, children are divided into groups depending on their age and developmental stage. Activities are expertly graded and adjusted to the abilities of the group, so you can be confident your child will be able to participate in every part of the session.

Our Strings Club Minis is specifically designed for 4-5 year olds – to encourage children develop life skills as well as their confidence, focus and wellbeing – all aspects that are vital in the first year of school life!  

Our Strings Club Sound Start groups accommodate children in Years 1 to 6 who are all encouraged to work towards Music Medals, an award scheme part of The Royal Schools of Music – from Bronze, Copper, Silver and onwards!

The combination of our unique “Musicianship Matters” activities and the learning and performing of fun musical repertoire means that a 9 year old child can enjoy and benefit from a Strings Club lesson just as much as a 6 year old, and vice versa. In fact, we’ve found that a mixed age range increases the opportunities for growth and musical development. Younger children are stretched and stimulated by the rest of the group and older children blossom from the ability to influence activities and gain valuable leadership skills. Read more about the benefits of group learning here.

When your child enrols or renews their Term-Time Course at The Strings Club, they are booking a place in the course of 10 consecutive lessons. This means that even if they don’t attend their space has been reserved for them and no other child can take their place. Both our Strings Club Minis and Sound Start courses are specifically structured around this 10 week framework to provide a coherent and progressive path of musical development.  

At The Strings Club, we passionately believe that a parent should be fully involved in their child’s development . Whether your child is with us for one day at a Holiday Camp or every week at a Term-Time Course, we’re here to help you help them! Click here to find out more about how we will stay in touch with you.

If you’re child is a complete beginner, the latest they can join us on a Term-Time Course (“Minis 1” or “Sound Start 1”) is Week 2. Unfortunately after this it is not possible to join the class, as by Week 3 they will have missed too much. However, they are very welcome to join us at our next Holiday Campor sign up for the following term!

If your child has had lessons elsewhere, we will try our very best to locate a suitable class for them to join part way through a term. Please give us a call in the office so we can find out what they’ve got up to so far. Once we have a good picture of their ability and experience, we’ll be able to advise what would suit best!


When your child joins us on a Term-Time Course they receive a music book worth £8 and a CD of funky backing tracks for free!

We are hoping to introduce one-to-one lessons to support those on our Sound Start courses very soon – get in touch to register your interest!

Don’t panic! At The Strings Club we understand that accidents happen. Please get in touch with us as soon as you realise something has gone wrong – it may be easier to fix than you think! Depending on what’s happened to the instrument we will either class the problem as ‘Wear and Tear’, in need of ‘Repair’, or ‘Damaged’. See here for more information.

Purchasing an instrument can be an expensive business, particularly for growing children. Just like everything else, they can need the size up sooner than you think! By hiring an instrument from The Strings Club you are guaranteed a high quality, appropriately sized instrument for the duration of hire – so if they grow half way through a term you can rest assured there will be the next size up waiting for them at their next lesson.

Absolutely! Please give us a call so we can find out what they’ve got up to so far. Once we have a good picture of their ability and experience, we’ll be able to advise what would suit best!

For Term-Time Courses we suggest trialling a lesson – depending on how this goes we can then move them up or down to find the best fit! For Holiday Camps we run an ‘Intermediate Ensemble’ class – ideal for those budding string players who want to improve their ensemble skills and to have fun playing music with others!

You can get in touch with our office team in a number of ways:


Call: 0121 296 9204

Our regular office hours are 09:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday every week.

During our Holiday Camps these are extended to 08:00 – 18:00. You will also be provided with a mobile number for the Camp Manager.

Visit our Holiday Camp Parent Information Guide for full details of what to bring.

Of course! Our camps are very flexible – you can book for anywhere from half a day through to the full week. Click here out more about our Holiday Camps.

Please give us a call on 0121 296 9204 and we’ll see what we can do. You can also find more information on our special offers on our Ways to Save page.

We run regular free taster events – click here to register your interest in one near you!

We currently accept Childcare Vouchers from a range of providers for our Holiday Camps – visit our Ways to Save page for a full list. If your Childcare Voucher provider is not listed please give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Childcare Vouchers for our Term-Time Courses or Parties.

Fantastic – we are always happy to offer a fun-filled assembly or classroom workshop at primary schools. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!