Inspire your child
through music
Award winning musical experiences for children aged 4-11

What does it mean to be EYFS Ofsted Registered?

Being EYFS Ofsted Registered ensures our standard are kept to a high level by having our Holiday Camps regulated and inspected by Ofsted frequently. We achieve this by:

  • Our team member:child ratio meets and exceeds Ofsted ratios
  • We are passionate about bringing music education to everybody and this includes children as young as 4. We believe children of this age should start learning an instrument as they are susceptible to learning, especially through our fun-filled, high-quality provision.
  • Our progressive programmes that aim to develop your child’s musical proficiency, life skills as well as love for music! With our Grand Concert where your child can demonstrate what they have achieved and what fun they have had with their new friends
  • Our range of workshops that help nurture a variety of skills from dance to musical theatre to creative arts to knowledge of music to ensemble playing

For further information on what being EYFS Ofsted Registered, please see here.

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