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Our Autumn Season Early Bird Offer is here!

Book your child onto a Term Time Course & our October Half Term Holiday Camp* and receive 10% off both.

Offer ends on Friday 25th August – book today! 

Term Time Courses begin Saturday 23 September.

October Half Term Holiday Camp – wc 23 October

Please note – to claim our Autumn Season Early Bird offer, bookings must be made over the phone only. Minimum number of sessions to be booked at our Holiday Camp is 2 mornings, 2 afternoons or one full-day, and discount does not apply to our wrap-around care prices.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Find your nearest Strings Club here
  2. Give our Head Office team a call on 0121 296 9204
  3. We can process your bookings for you over the phone with the new discounted price!

For more information or to book over the phone, call our friendly office team on 0121 296 9204.

Find your nearest Strings Club here

Autumn Re-enrolment

As busy parents we know that your time is precious and we’d like to help. That is why we will process your child’s re-enrolment to our Term Time Courses on your behalf.

We will complete the process for you next week on Monday 26th of June. 

In order to secure their place next term all you need to do is pay a deposit of 30% of next term’s fees. Please see our Terms and Conditions here. 

This can be done:

  • online
  • by calling Head Office on 0121 296 9204

This must be paid by Friday 7th July in order to secure your child’s place next term

You & Your Child’s Details

If you or your child’s details have changed in any way or if you no longer wish to hire an instrument please inform Head Office ASAP by phone or email (we will assume that you wish to keep hiring the instrument unless otherwise informed).

Fancy A Change?

Ready to go it alone? If you do not intend for your child to join us next term you must inform us by Friday 7th July so we can free up the place in the class for another child.

If your child’s class becomes too small we may need to merge it with another class – should this be the case we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Payment Plans

To make things even easier termly fees can now be paid for via a payment plan.

Once we have received your 30% deposit we will be in touch to enrol you in Monthly Payment Plan*.

This means that you can spread the cost over the term using our safe, simple, and reliable automatic billing system.

Payment plan - schedule of payments for autumn term:

Payment%Date DueTerm Week
Deposit30%Friday 7th JulyEnd of Week 9
Payment 135%Monday 25th SeptemberWeek 2
Payment 235%Monday 16th OctoberWeek 5

If you do not wish to pay via the payment plan then full payment for the summer term must be received by Friday 7th July.

If you have any questions about the re-enrolment process, our Head Office can be reached any weekday between 9am-5pm by email or you can call us on 0121 296 9204.


Welcome to The Strings Club – Solihull

The Strings Club is launching in Solihull! We are extremely excited to have the chance to inspire the next generation of musicians that live here.

What we offer

We have a lot to offer in Solihull with wonderfully bespoke musical activities to suit every child and family budget.

Term Time Courses  

Enhance your child’s development with our weekly ukulele, guitar, violin and cello classes – all set within a fun, supportive and rewarding environment. Our partnership with Music Medals, The Royal Schools of Music will also enable and inspire your child to achieve from the outset.

Holiday Camps

Rated 5* by parents on Netmums, our award winning Ofsted registered Holiday Camps bring  together the very best of music education and childcare to engage and inspire your child – every school holiday. Each day is wonderfully different, including a range of exciting workshops alongside high quality small group classes.


Ukulele Gurus party with The Strings Club is packed full of high-octane party games, fun filled activities and memorable music-making. Free hire of a ukulele for each child too! From your initial enquiry to the “big day”, we believe your experience with us should be as hassle-free as possible.

Discovery Days

Packed full of high-quality, unmissable musical activities, this free event will inspire your child from the offset and give you the chance to see and hear the amazing things we have to offer. Your child will also get to try out two new instruments and experience two 20 minute lessons – all for free!

Join us at one of our upcoming events:

Discovery Days:

Saturday 22nd July – 10.30am – 12pm –  Venue TBA very soon.

Saturday 16th September – 10.30am – 12pm –  Venue TBA very soon.

Term Time courses:

Our beginners courses will be starting in the autumn and will be on sale very soon. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know when our Autumn Season Early Bird offer starts!

Holiday Camps:

October Half Term – Venue TBA very soon.

Have a question? Why not contact us here or give us a call on 0121 296 9204.

Encouraging your child to practice – when does it become “a chore”?

Having taught violin for over 10 years, the issue of practice has always been a “hot topic” amongst both children and parents alike. It’s a subject that when raised usually receives a huge gasp or even facial expressions of contempt from children. “Have you managed to practice this week?” I would ask a child and the answer would be “yes”, “a little bit” or “no”, followed by a list of reasons why. The best of which was “I couldn’t practice as my dog was sat on it!”.

One of the main reasons I set up The Strings Club in 2012 was to offer musical programmes for children that ignited their love of music from the offset. That inspired them to get their instrument out at home, to practice and to feel confident in performing in front of family and friends at home. At The Strings Club Head Office, we are sometimes contacted by parents asking us how they can encourage their child to practice at home without them pushing them to do so. Understandably, parents feel pressured into not only ensuring that their child progresses on a weekly basis, but also ensuring that they are getting “their money’s worth” too.

From experience, I have listed the main reasons why children do not want to practice below and underneath each point, I have listed how our award-winning Term Time Courses and fantastic teaching team ensure that children practice on a regular basis.

They are not encouraged to practice

At the beginning of each Term, children also receive a “practice makes perfect” guide to monitor their practice too! Each week, children receive a “practice makes perfect” diary that has all the information they will need including keywords, recommended listening to the main songs they should be focusing on that week.

They have nothing to work towards so get bored easily

As partners with Music Medals, The Royal Schools of Music, all children are encouraged to work towards a Music Medal on a regular basis – giving them something really worthwhile to work towards. We have also designed Minis Awards for our Minis classes too!

They don’t know how to practice

This is so important and is something that I believe is an integral part of learning an instrument. More often than not though, children and their parents are not advised on how to practice at home and this is something that is so important to know. Here are a few myths below regarding practice:

  • Myth #1

You need to practice for an hour a day to make any progress

Nonsense! If your child wants to play for an hour a day then great! But if not, encouraging them to practice for 5-10 mins a day to start off with is a fantastic start!

  • Myth #2

You need to practice at the same time every day

Nonsense! Yes, getting into a good routine (see below) is good, however, we understand how busy children are, so as long as they take the time to practice on a regular basis, then this is great!

  • Myth #3

If you don’t practice for a day or two, your standards will go down

Nonsense! One of my old violin teachers who was also an infamous solo violinist practices for 8-10 hours every day, however, this was her job. If your child misses a few days because of going on holiday, illness, whatever reason, this does not mean their playing standards will have drastically decreased.

For those 200 children who attend our Term Time Courses, we would however recommend that they attend our summer Holiday Camps this summer. Our morning ‘Learn Together, Play Together’ sessions are a great way to ensure that your child’s playing standards remain at a high standard and avoid what we call at the Head Office, “the summer slump”. The sessions are specifically geared to those children who already play and are invaluable in developing those ensemble playing together skills whilst also having fun playing music with others. Your child is also encouraged to bring in their pieces that they have been assigned for the holidays. This way, they will be mini maestros by their first Term Time lesson in September!

My top five tips in encouraging your child to practice!

I share my top 5 tips in encouraging your child to practice. Many of these I have learnt through my own teaching, but also some have come from parents at The Strings Club as well as children who attend either a Term Time Course or Holiday Camp. If you have a top tip to share, I would love to hear it and share with other parents.

  1. Practice for 5-10 mins a day to start off with – best to practice for small amounts and regularly than for long durations and unoften
  2. Encourage your child to really look after their instrument and take responsibility
  3. Be positive to your child (if it doesn’t sound quite right, encourage them to try again!)
  4. Encourage them to perform regularly in front of you
  5. Have the instrument in a convenient place where they can access it quickly

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please visit our Facebook page or contact me on

Join us at a Holiday Camp this summer!

Recommend a friend and receive your exclusive discount code!

We have an exclusive offer for those who attended our May Half Term Holiday Camps in two of our new areas – Balham and Islington!*

We understand that attending a camp for the first time can be a tiny bit scary for your child, and allowing children to buddy up with their friends can help with their nerves.

That’s where our exclusive Recommend A Friend offer comes in. Simply tell your friends how you got on this Half Term at The Strings Club and as an added bonus you will receive 10% off your next booking with us!

This offer is a fantastic way of settling in children and ensuring they have a great time in a new environment with their friends and a great way to save too.

This is an exclusive offer for our Holiday Camps during the Summer Holidays in Balham and Islington only.

Simply follow these three steps:

1) Share your experience at The Strings Club with your friends!

2) Get your friend to book with us on our Summer Holiday Holiday Camps in Balham or Islington

3) Contact us via phone on 0121 296 9204 – once we have confirmed your friend’s booking with us, you will be able to claim your 10% off!

Our Holiday Camps are packed with fun-filled, unmissable musical experiences for children aged 4-11. Each day is wonderfully different, including a range of exciting workshops in the afternoons alongside high quality small group instrumental classes in the mornings.

*This offer is for Balham & Islington customers only.

Find out more about our Summer Holiday Camps here

Top five reasons to join us during this Half Term!

Our May Half Term Holiday Camps start next week on Tuesday 30th May, and here are Top 5 Reasons why you should be joining us if you haven’t already!

Packed full of unmissable musical experiences, our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps will engage and inspire your child in a safe and rewarding environment. Our camps are ideal as an introduction for first time musicians – no experience needed!

Each day is wonderfully different and includes unique musical workshops all alongside small group tuition by our lovely, DBS-checked team – giving your child a memorable experience, never to forget!

We only want to offer you the very best, and at our award-winning Holiday Camps, this means exceptional standards in childcare and the musical experiences we offer each and every child that attends.

1) Amazing value!

We offer full-time, Ofsted registered childcare for less than £4 per hour!

If you also require a wrap-around care, this is available from 8am – 5:45pm – for only £5 per session.

2) Flexibility

Our Holiday Camps are extremely flexible too – you can book for the half day, full day or for the full week-long experience.

Our wrap-around care can be booked in advance or on the day too, depending on your needs!

3) Unique musical workshops

The afternoons at our Holiday Camps offer some of our truly memorable, interactive and highly popular workshops that your child will love, created by our very own Digital Marketing & Events Assistant. With workshops including Big Sing Song, Storytelling, Musical Theatre and much more, there is something for everyone!

Please see our previous blog post here for a sneak peek of our workshops during this May Half Term!

4) Free instrument hire

During our morning “Learn Together, Play Together” session, your child can learn to play the ukulele, violin, guitar, or cello with the UK’s top string teachers.

Instrument hire for these sessions is included in the cost of the course, and where your child joins us for consecutive days, they can also take it home overnight!

5) All of children would recommend us!

What matters most is what the children who attend our Holiday Camps think of us – many children who attended our Holiday Camps previously have said that they would recommend The Strings Club to their friends because “It’s the best!” and that The Strings Club “is a great place to learn how to play string instruments”.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Our Ofsted registered Holiday Camps are inclusive and accessible – they provide a friendly, safe and inspiring environment where children make new friends, build confidence and learn skills whilst having a huge amount of fun. Book now to ensure your child isn’t disappointed.

For more info simply click below on the Holiday Camp you are interested in:

Harborne | Hampstead | Islington | Balham | Brockley

Have a sneak peek at our workshops during May half term!

During our award-winning Holiday Camps this May Half Term we will be taking your child on a musical adventure with a range of exciting workshops to compliment high-quality small group instrumental classes.

At our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps, your child can enjoy making new friends, build confidence and develop not only musical, but also personal skills whilst being in a friendly, safe and truly inspiring environment.

Brand new to our Holiday Camps are our weekly themes – this week’s theme is “Here Comes the Sun” and all about the upcoming summer season! This will ensure consistency throughout the week whilst maintaining the high-quality of engaging activities we offer. Through this, we also focus on our “Development is Key”, aiming to guide the development of every child’s capabilities and skills on a daily basis to ensure that they truly benefit from our Holiday Camps.

Keep checking our blog to find out more about our weekly themes!

Here are some of the very exciting workshops taking place this time round!

1) Big Sing Song: “Here Comes the Sun”

Does your child love singing? We all love a good sing song at The Strings Club, especially when it’s all about the sun! In our fun and interactive singing workshop, we will  be exploring one of The Beatles’ classic “Here Comes the Sun”.

Taking place throughout our locations on Tuesday 30th May.


2) Performarama: “Maui and the Sun”

Discover the enchanting story of “Maui and the Sun” by acting out the story using your very own scripts. We will be taking you on an exciting adventure, find out how exactly this heroic character has managed to slow down the sun to make the days longer! This is a wonderful way for your child to develop their language & communication skills and build their confidence.

Taking place throughout our locations on Wednesday 31st May

3) Meet the Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

In this workshop, we will be exploring Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, particularly his “Summer” movement from the work. But, did you know that the Italian composer hated the summer and rarely went outside? Let’s find out why in our very own interactive workshop that introduces the composer and his most notable piece of work.

Taking place throughout our locations on Thursday 1st June

4) The Strings Club Grand Concert

Our very own Grand Concert is a fantastic way for your child and their new friends to show off everything they have learnt! By the end of the week, your child will have experienced wonderful musical adventures, made new friends, and developed skills for life.

Taking place on Friday 2nd June in Balham, Brockley, Hampstead and Harborne only

Find your nearest The Strings Club Holiday Camps here

We’ve been nominated for an award!

We are extremely proud to announce that The Strings Club has been nominated for the ‘What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2017’ as “Best Independent Activity for children aged 5-12”

The awards celebrate the UK’s best activities, class leaders, party providers, places and activity-based products for children – as nominated and voted for by the experts – parents, carers and parents-to-be!

Vote for The Strings Club!

We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from the parents and children who know us and attend our activities, and would love for you to continue your great support by voting for us in this award.

If you would like to vote for us (and we hope that you do!), you can visit What’s On 4 Little Ones to vote for us in ‘Best Independent Activity for children aged 5-12’.

Voting will close on Monday 3rd July at 12pm, so get clicking now!

A huge thank you in advance to everyone who is able to vote for us – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Read about all of our nominations and awards here

Meet Sarah!

We’d like to introduce you to one of our Strings tutors, Sarah Masters!

In today’s interview we talk to Sarah Masters, a former UCE Music Technology student and one of our violin, guitar and ukelele course leaders based at our Harborne Strings Club, Birmingham.

Sarah talks us through her time with us here at The Strings Club and what she loves most about working with us. She also tells us about her practice habits and how after studying she went on to form her own music business.

Where did you study music?

After my GCSEs I spent 3 years at Walsall College studying a BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music and then went on to complete a HNC in Music Production and AS Level Music. From there I went to City of Birmingham University (formally UCE) to study a BSc Music Technology.

Tell us about your musical experience?

I do not have much performance experience as most of my study focused on being in the studio recording musicians and I did not perform much during my studying years. After uni, work and other life commitments prevented me from joining any orchestras or bands but one day when my children are a bit older I will rectify this! After graduating in 2005 I completed further training as an Early Years Music Practitioner and went on to form my own business – Rainbow Rhyme, working with babies and children from 0-5 years and their families. Alongside this I also teach privately at home, mainly on a one to one basis but occasionally with larger groups.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I enjoy everything about teaching music from the early days of introducing the instrument through to preparing pupils for their graded exams. But I find the most rewarding thing is seeing the self pride in my students when they have achieved something new, whether that is a Music Medal, a graded exam, performed in a concert or even a solo performance in class, it all helps to build confidence and build character in people.

Your biggest achievement/ most enjoyable musical experience so far?

My biggest achievement in my career so far is forming my own early years music business and having the opportunity to inspire children from the earliest stages of their lives. When I hear a child tell me that they have asked Santa for a violin or a guitar or they bring along a little ukulele to a session, I feel I have inspired them to pursue music in one way or another.

My most enjoyable teaching experience has been working with such a variety of young people over the years and bringing them together to make music as one big group. Every concert that I do with my own private pupils and with The Strings Club makes for the most enjoyable teaching experiences!

Who is your favourite musician and why?

So many to choose from but I do like Nigel Kennedy as alongside his amazing talent I also admire him for his quirkiness and he supports Aston Villa!

How did you start learning your instrument?

I was taught violin in primary school initially by two classroom teachers but when I moved to secondary school my tuition was provided by Walsall Music Service.

Top practice tip for our Strings Club children?

Keep your instrument to hand and out of the case (as long as it’s safe of course!) That way you are more likely to pick it up and practice.

A big thanks to Sarah! Read up on some of our other tutors and workshop leaders here in our blog soon!

Start your child’s musical journey

Meet Edouard!

This week we would like to introduce you to one of our Violin course leaders Edouard!

Edouard has an incredible repertoire of musical experiences under his belt including many performances with different orchestras all over Europe! Here he gives you a little peak inside his career so far, explains what drives him to pursue such a career and shares a few tips on the best practice routine.


Where did you study music?

I studied at Trinity College of Music in London with Hu Kun and my did my Chamber Music studies under the late Sandor Devich. I’ve also played alongside the Smith Quartet and the Brodsky Quartet.

Tell us about your musical experience?

I have been a soloist in the March 2015 Beethoven Violin concerto in D with the Amati Orchestra. I also played with Sir Yehudi Menuhin in a concert to celebrate the opening of the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I enjoy the Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service, Enfield Music Service, Newham Academy of Music and Buckingham College Prep School as well as teaching numerous private students all over London both one to one and in groups.

Your biggest achievement/ most enjoyable musical experience so far?

My most enjoyable achievement is anytime a pupil is able to do something they believed was unattainable or really difficult. Also leading and running three String Club days and the subsequent end of year Celebration Concert for the Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education service.

Who is your favourite musician and why?

My favourite musician is Yehudi Menuhin as his career was so long and he influenced so many others in the musical and non-musical world. My favourite orchestra is Europa Galante with Fabio Biondi as they play some of the finest interpretations of renaissance and baroque.

How did you start learning your instrument?

I went to see the Merseyside Youth Orchestra playing “The Planets” by Gustav Holst conducted by Sir Charles Groves and was inspired to play an orchestral instrument. Then I asked [my parents] to play the violin at primary school the rest is history!

Top practice tip for our Strings Club children?

Divide your practice throughout the day. Don’t try to do it all at once. 5 minutes of good concentration at a time is better than 20 mins of so-so practice all at once.

A big thanks to Edouard! Keep an eye on our blog for a new a camp leader bio soon!

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