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What the Grown-Ups Say ...


 "The Strings Club is a natural progression for our children once they leave us at the age of four. We like to think of it as their musical journey.” Kathy, Founder of Rhythm Time. 

 "My daughter has loved this week and is keen to carry on playing the violin!" Lisa, North London

"Charlie adored Sam and had a lovely week so thanks to you all" Nicky, Birmingham. 

"My elder son has enjoyed especially small group tuition, finding out so many new things and surprises.The other one has been amazed by the workshops." Nina, North London

My two girls think The Strings Club is 'awesome'! I am sure it will ultimately make then confident performers who love making music." Catherine Arlidge -Violinist, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

"Reuben adores The Strings Club. As parents it is great to know that your son is having a lot of fun, while also learning music in a safe environment. I highly recommend it!' Valentina, North London. 

"My twins recently attended a Strings Club course. Neither of them have ever picked up an instrument before. After the course they were very excited about the Violin! Thank you Strings Club!" Debbie, North London. 

"They loved the 'Hands on Workshop' this Summer - what a great idea to enable kids to try our more than one instrument!" Colin, Birmingham


What Children Say ...


"I like Julia because she is kind and thoughtful. When we get something wrong she is very calm and helps us to get it right." Chloe, Age 8

"Learning the violin at The Strings Club has become a dream come true! I love it and I love my teacher!" Harry, Age 7. 

 "I've enjoyed playing and learning the guitar this week and I like the way Jim has taught me how to remeber each string!" Adam, Age 7

"It was better than superb mummy!" Zoe, Age 5.                                     

"We always play musical games which have really helped me improve my music skills plus they're really fun!." Jasmin, Age 11.


"Thank you so much for making our time at The Strings Club extra special!" Aiyoung & Jinju, Ages 8 and 6. 


"We didn't just like it...We loved it!" Liam, Age 9.

"I wish I could take The Strings Club with me on holiday this year!!" Imogen, Aged 6.